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simple session 2012

Simple session 2012 park



Simple Session 12 BMX final results:
1 Drew Bezanson CAN
 Brett Banasiewicz USA
 Harry Main GBR
 Daniel Sandoval USA
 Pat Casey USA
 Michael Beran CZE
 Bruno Hoffman GER
 Alex Kennedy GBR
 Kevin Peraza MEX
 Josh Harrington USA
 Jack Clark GBR
 Chad Kerley USA
 Simone Barraco ITA
 Maxime Charveron FRA
 Dan Foley 21
 Aj Anaya USA
 Sebastian Keep GBR
 Rob Armour USA
 Sean Ricany USA
 Sergio Layos ESP
 Daniel Tünte GER
 Paul Ryan GBR
 Gary Young USA
 Ben Hennon GBR

Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Soft launching IBAS SKY PARK BMX

Soft lounching IBAS
Saturday 19 November 2011 held a soft IBAS louncing SKY PARK BMX located in Bekasi Hypermall MEGA ROOF TOP, which accompanied the event of salvation and the cutting cone. The event invites all Management IBAS, IBAS Athlete and also attended by the children of the British International School. The event is also an introduction to the children about what it was BMX and BMX SKY PARK, enthusiast of British School children are very visible. The only one of the British School kids trying to have a bike that is provided.

Some atlhete IBAS like Reno, Mamat, Abi, swollen, and the Twins Izul Fathan and Farhan is also demonstrating the Extreme Sport, trick-trick that made the children amazed the British School. In the near future too IBAS will hold the inaugural event Skaligus sbagai Grand lounching BMX PARK SKY. So do not miss the info from IBAS.


BALIBAS is a concept combining Sport (in this sport BMX bike) with the Arts & Culture Bali in particular and other Cultural Arts for Education combined into a single unit of a show, both for the Local, National and Foreign Tourism in packaging.
IBAS as one of the containers that accommodate and develop the tourist potential of sport skills BMX bike that is in young children in many areas but this time just beginning to be developed in Jakarta. Further activities are very positive and the potential of this one time planned to be developed in Bali which has a hallmark of Arts and Culture as a supporter of Tourism. The concept BALIBAS Sport, Art, Culture and Education in Music is the general picture is as follows:

A. Sport and Art that was developed in Bali can be combined dengala one or more existing fields of art, such as: collaboration with the accompaniment of traditional music or music collaborations Bali tradition and modern or classic. Another art that can be developed is the art of dance as a sport background activity, either a traditional Balinese dance, modern or collaboration, such as Cak dance, Barong dances or other creations. In addition to these two arts, it is still very possible sports attractions developed with contemporary abstract painting in an integrated way.
2. Sport, Art and Culture is a condition that is generally not separated between the Arts and Culture in Bali, such as: art and decorative art that was performed to support activities. Balinese people are almost always eager to display works of art owned prior to a positive purpose and can be entertaining because it is believed that as a form Yadnya sacrifice to God.

3. Sport, Art, Culture and Education is a positive concept to make the integration of sports, arts and culture on young people themselves to be a positive influence as well as education for children around the existing environment and interested guests or visitors to even out in Bali.

4. Sport, Art, Culture and Education in intertainment is to integrate all components into a show that in addition to entertaining but full of positive messages for the children, adolescents, young people and parents and families, including for tourism.

5. Supporting components will be more perfect if the integrated nature was performed in a green and fresh with a background of green fields and trees and natural especially with the concept of Clean and Green. That's a small concept that needs to be aged for longer than the planning for the environment, community and social investment, thereby providing a positive and beneficial impact substantially without unduly exploit these components solely for the sake of business.

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We the People
my mate has a we the people and they are immense. to me they are the best bike in the world and when ever me and my mate ride to school people always say that we the peoples are briliant! you would be lucky to get one
I'm getting one 4 my birthday the justice it looks so nice my friend has the we the people versys
they are light and great skate park bikes. they are the number one bike in America in my opinion. I might be getting one. 
            I got a haro and it has bin the best bike I have ever had
I ride a 2010 F3 it is the best bike ever
I have ridden haro for a year... the x1 backtrail ride everyday no problems at all. its SICK
I had a mongoose! It's great! It's the nest bmx bike I ever had till now... 
It was good for street and stunts and very durable frame and tyres.
Mongoose are beast really good bikes last ages I love my mongoose subject I can do j hops on it and back flips and front flips I did have a haro but it fell apart
While I was riding done bmxing for years really light my mates one is really heavy his is wearethepoeple
I think mongoos rides smooth and there are good mongoos bikes and there are bad ones I have a mongoos its relly good riding it is also light
Fit bikes are sick! I would recommend the Van Homan Series.
getting a purple and black fit bike... amazingly light greatest bike you could ask for for skateparks, even dirt jumps... get it right... get fit bike
I have a fit van homan 1 and love the bike it can't be beat. you have to be FIT to bike. FIT bikes are super light and super strong. If you don't ride Fit then F-IT.
light, last forever... good parts. you can't beat it for the price you pay? I like the kink whip personaly its an amazing bike I don't think you can beat a kink, I would say sunday but there frames snap a lot of the time so kink for the win
Just amazing bikes highly recommended probably the best bikes for pro bmxers
Amazing price range all light, strong, and durable
I love kink, it rides so smooth, it survives me crashing and hitting jumps. I would recommend kink to anyone.
Work very well, iÂ'ts the best bike for me and like very much all the bikes for this company I liked I LOVE THIS BIKES COME ON DIAMONDBACK! C;
Mine is pure awesome got the thing so my cords don't tangle a very nice paint job
V brakes in the back 
Pad brakes up front Trick tires and to top it all off my bike is very very heavy for speed and very light to jump
I got a diamondback session mag, it is amazing for cruising around the city I've had it for 2 years and it is in mint condition.
Amazing Bikes! But replace the factory given tires, they will pop easily on big jumps but do fine on curbs.
Verde is way better than we the people even dk is better but there is no way anything can ever beat Verde its just not possible Verde is the best there is and that is a fact and mark my words Verde will become the best in about a yeat
                Getting the Verde Theory 2011 it is absolutely sick. It looks AWESOME. Would recommend to people around the world. They are right up there with We The People and Haro. Another great thing is they are light but extremely tough making them great for beginners and for the riders that are pro!
They are all good quality bikes. Although they are kind of expensive but they are great for the price I would highly recommend these guys even though they don't make all the parts the all come with the odyssey pro parts package.
amazing bike its
neck and neck with haro I got an arron ross pro to beast bike get this bike should be in top five
Great bikes. Look amazing. Although very expensive... 
I recommend Aaron Ross's bikes.
DK bike also it is the best bike and I have owned close to 30 bikes.
I'm totally for the DK... It rides smooth and is the best looking... I think this should be at least in the top threes.
This bike is awesome and rad light weight easy to wheely on and very cheap on price my mate has 1 and I went mad on it wheeling maddest bike ever!
The Boss is super light and durable. Their "wearable" parts like tires, tubes, etc suck but the major components like bars, cranks, fork and frame are quality made.
The Eastern Night prowler the best. I've wrecked like a million times and it still works like new. For $450 its probably the best intermediate bicycle out ther

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weekend wallpapers 7 January 2012

Five new street-infused wallpapers created from photos we ran in recent issues of Ride BMX magazine. This week’s collective includes Brandon “Lil Taco” Olivero, Chad Osburn, Sean Burns, Sean Sexton, and Tony Hamlin. Start clicking and load ‘em up…
Click on each image to get the full-size wallpaper. Then save the full-size images to your computer and set as your desktop background.
Widescreen Monitors:
Standard Monitors:

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my bike check :)

We The People Versus 2011


    36 Hole
    Front RimSalt Plus aero double wall rim, 36H, colored anodized
    Rear RimSalt Plus straight double wall rim, 36H, colored anod.
    Front HubNew Salt AM hub, sealed bearing 3/8"s, 36H low flange
    Rear HubNew Salt AM cassette hub, sb, 9T, 14mm axle, 36H
    Front TireSalt tires “Pitch Flow” 2.25"
    Rear Tire2.1"




    Head Angle75 degrees
    Top Tube Length (standard or smallest size)20.8 inches
    Chainstay Length13.25 inches


    WeThe People Versus
    WTP Versus 2011
    Compare WeThePeople BMX Bikes
    Website2011 WeThePeople Versus  (wethepeoplebmx.de)
    Wheel Size20 inch 
    Compare 20 inch Wheel BMX Bikes
    Frame MaterialChromoly 
    Compare Chromoly Frame BMX Bikes
    Compare Freestyle BMX Bicycles
    Bike Weight24 pounds
    Color OptionsMatt Black
    Matt Anthracite


    Available Frame Sizes20.8"
    Frame4130 full CrMo, b’d DT
    ForkFull 4130 CrMo fork, 1pc bulged CrMo steerer
    HeadsetSalt int. headset, cartridge type


    Gearing25 X 9T
    CranksetSalt AM tubular 3pc crank CrMo 175mm, 8 spline
    Chainring (chainwheel)Salt Plus 6061 T6 Alloy, CNC, 25T sprocket
    Driver9T 1-piece cassette driver, sealed bearing
    Bottom BracketSalt mid size BB, press fit, sealed bearing
    Pedalséclat “Surge” PC pedals
    ChainSalt AM chain, 510H type


    HandlebarFull 4130 CrMo bar, 8" height
    StemNew Salt Plus CNC Alloy front loading stem
    GripsWethepeople “All Day” grips, Mike Brennan signature
    BrakesSalt “Moto” Alloy u-brake (R)
    Brake LeversSalt “Moto” Alloy brake lever
    Saddleéclat “Unify” seat combo
    Seat PostIntegrated in “Unify” seat
    Seat Post ClampIntegrated slim Steel seat clamp